vvibe launches today. Here’s what you need to know about our glow up.

In 2022, we launched SwoonMe in the US and India as a voice-first dating app that aimed to bring intimacy and authenticity back to online dating.

Nearly a year later we decided to pivot to a social platform, despite users spending over 42 minutes on the app. We realised early on the need for an authentic social network that transcended dating. In keeping with our plans we’re delighted to share that SwoonMe has now rebranded to vvibe!

We’ve had a glow up and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Here are some details:

👉Vvibe gets a new logo & colours

The app, website and all marketing collaterals get a complete facelift with a fresh, new logo and colours that are in tune with our audience

👉 Brand identity & positioning changes

Somewhere around mid-2022, amidst the growing consumer demand for new and authentic social media, we decided to be early adopters and planned for a complete pivot from dating to social networking.

In keeping with this, we have now positioned ourselves as a metaverse social network for live, synchronous connections! Our new brand identity now resonates with GenZ values and culture.

👉 Changes to messaging & target audience

As part of the rebrand, vvibe will now change its messaging to a more casual and relatable tone while attempting to reflect the ethos of today’s young adults. This change will apply to all outgoing communication including in-app content.

We will also be focusing exclusively on GenZs and early millennials in the US, APAC & EMEA regions.

👉 All new features Anonymous Voice + Avatar video calling & live motion capture

In keeping with our mission to make Vvibe a more present, live platform for GenZ, we are rolling out these features which will enable users to connect anonymously & in real-time with verified users from across the globe and engage in voice-based conversations, identity reveals and ultimately face reveals.

Our research shows that this feature is widely adopted by GenZ and also caters to several JTBDs for young adults in similar geographies.

👉 Unreal avatars 

As part of this rebrand, we’re upgrading our avatars from 2D illustrations to hyperrealistic avatars. These avatars will come with unlimited customization and interoperability between other apps in the metaverse.

This is just the beginning of our plans to make Vvibe a fun, addictive metaverse social platform, with many more cool and exciting features to come soon!

Stay tuned for more updates!

About vvibe

Vvibe is a live metaverse social app that helps GenZ make real friends in real-time. Vvibe eliminates superficial features by providing hyper-realistic avatars and complete digital identities, thereby helping young adults express themselves and make authentic connections. Founded in San Francisco in 2021, vvibe has an average session duration of 42 minutes and over 150K downloads. Visit us at vvibe.ai for more information.

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