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Go live and hang with people from anywhere in the world.
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Get 100s of free customization options and create your hyper-realistic avatar. Find your look or create a trend, go CRAZY and bring out your creative side.

Reimagine VR with Avatars

Connect in new ways with hyper-realistic avatars and live motion capture. Blur the lines between digital & physical.

Go anonymous with Ghostline

Hang out with your best friends. Share moments, talk about your experiences.
Connect from anywhere in the world cause there’s always a place for you at vvibe.

vvibe soirée - Go live, meet new people daily!

vvibe soirée is a whole new way to socialize, it’s live, it’s engaging and it’s your ticket for unlimited fun.

Be a trendsetter

Go all out with endless customization options and create your ultimate digital twin!

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