About Us

Make friends with Unreal Avatars & Voice Notes

vvibe is a metaverse social platform designed to nurture meaningful connections through voice and avatar interactions.

vvibe is a place to find like-minded people through interest-driven interactions. It is appearance agnostic and gamified. We want our users to feel truly present with other people online. We provide an immersive experience for our users to get to know each other in a non-superficial, judgment-free zone.

The vvibe Story

vvibe started as a voice-first dating app to provide a much-needed break from the superficial appearance-focused apps out there.

Over time, we realized that in creating a judgment-free platform such as this, our complete focus was on helping people build meaningful connections.

We always knew we wanted to build an immersive, present experience that helped people be real with one another, one that did not give physical appearance much importance.

That’s what led vvibe to where it is (and where it’s going) today:

A social networking experience that gives people a chance to interact in the metaverse via avatars and voice.

Meet the Founders

The Faces Behind our Success