Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Most frequent questions and answers

vvibe is a social app that is designed to help you make meaningful connections through voice and avatars.

Once you download the app, you’ll first be shown an option to sign up with your phone number. If you tap on “more options”, you’ll then be able to sign up using Facebook, Google, or an Apple account. If you have an existing account, you can also sign in with your email address.

Not at all vvibe is 100% free to use. 🆓

Tap on “Resend Verification” to receive the code again. Check if your network connection is strong. Otherwise, try restarting your device, and try again. If the issue still persists, get in touch with your service provider. 📞

When you sign up using your phone number, Facebook or Google, you don’t need a password. If you signed up using an email address, just tap on “Forgot password?” while logging in, and we’ll mail 📧 you the instructions to reset your password.

Not at all. Your sign-in information will not be visible on your profile. That information is private and other users will not have any way of accessing it. 🔐

No, that info would not be visible to other users. 🔐

Creating Your Avatar

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Once you sign up with vvibe and enter basic details, you’ll be asked to upload a photo/take a selfie. Using this photo, we’ll create an avatar for you. And then you can customize it with different hair colors/styles👩🏽‍🦰, lip colors💄, hats🎩, and more’😎

This could be because of the photo you took/uploaded.📸 We suggest clicking/uploading a picture that has good lighting and looks most like you. Next, customize your avatar to make it look even more like you! 🪞

Once you upload/take a photo, you’ll automatically be given the option to customize your avatar. Take your time and play around with all the personalization options.💈

No, not until you want to reveal your photo. You can reveal your photo only after matching with someone and playing icebreaker games with them. Even after that, it’s your choice. The best part is that you can choose to hide your photo after revealing it.

Sure, you can! Just tap on the profile icon (), and you’ll find a little edit button () on the top right corner of your existing avatar. Tap on that to upload/take a new photo and build your avatar from scratch.

Your avatar is your digital identity and is necessary to use vvibe’s features like video calls. With hundreds of customization options available, you can make your avatar look and feel just the way you want. Go live with your avatar, meet friends from all over the world, and enjoy video calls with your unique digital presence.

If your avatar is taking longer to generate, don’t worry! You can choose from our collection of cool pre-generated avatars to continue exploring vvibe. You can always come back later to customize your avatar to your liking.

vvibe offers you hundreds of customization options to make your avatar truly unique. To customize your pre-generated avatar, simply head over to your profile and click on the edit button next to your profile image. From there, you can personalize your avatar to match your style and personality.

Sound Bites

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A sound bite is a quick voice recording that goes on your profile. Consider it an intro! We give you prompts to choose from, you choose your favorite, record your answer, and we put it on your profile. It’s a great way for people to get to know a little bit about you right from the get-go.

When you’re setting up your profile, you will automatically be prompted to record a sound bite. If you choose not to, you can always tap on your profile, head to “Profile Questions”, and you’ll find an edit button next to “Sound bite and text bio”. By tapping on it, you can edit your existing sound bite or add one.

Sound bites can be listened to by anyone who comes across your profile. Voicemails are part of a private conversation — only between you and another friend.

Well, you can, but only for a short time. However, once you’ve seen a few profiles and understood how the app works, you’ll have to record your sound bite to keep using it. Trust us, a profile with a sound bite is a whole lot more likely to catch someone’s eye (or ear!).

Your sound bite is supposed to give people a glimpse into your personality. We’ve put together a number of prompts for you to choose from. Start by mentioning your name and where you’re from, and then answer the prompt.


Most frequent questions and answers

Sound bites can be listened to by anyone who comes across your profile. Voicemails are part of a private conversation — only between you and another friend.

Yes, you can — anyone that pops up on your discovery screen!

When you see someone’s profile on the discovery screen, tap on the big “Leave Voicemail” button under on the lower half of the screen.

Left a voicemail for another Swooner? They’ll be able to listen to it in their voicemail inbox OR when they come across your profile on the discovery page.

Yes, if a friend has sent you a voicemail and you respond by leaving one for them, then you automatically match with them.


Most frequent questions and answers

Check out the users on the live page or the discovery page and send them a text message or a voicemail!

You’d be given the option to do this once you’ve played two rounds of icebreakers with them.

This can be done while setting up your account. OR if you’d like to change them, just head to your profile and tap on the “Match Preferences” button.

Once you’ve matched with someone, you can chat with them either via the messaging chat. Simply tap on the button on the top right of the discovery screen to find your messages/start a conversation with someone you’ve matched with.

Users with sound bites on their profiles are a lot more likely to match with someone. Additionally, you can personalize your avatar to match your personality, and add a text bio.

Leave them a voicemail. That takes it a step further than simply liking their profile. Use their name, make it personal, and maybe tell them that you’d like to get to know them more.

Privacy & Control

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Yes. Only a userto who you’ve specifically chosen to reveal your photo will be able to see it.

Encountered someone suspicious or simply wish to avoid interacting with them? vvibe allows you to easily manage your experience. If you want to block someone, simply click on the (dot icon) next to their profile, and choose to hide or block them permanently. 

For further assistance with any issues, feel free to reach out to our support team at [support email/phone number]. We’re here to help!

If you have any concerns about your safety or privacy, or if you’d like to report a user, just visit their profile, tap on the menu (•••) and tap on “Report Profile”.

Not at the moment. But, we’re working on it!

Other user will be able to see the info that’s on your public profile. This includes your name, avatar, age, gender, sound bite, match preferences, relationship goals and love language. If you’ve added a text bio, they’ll also be able to read that. Your e-mail, phone number, photo, etc. will NOT be visible to them.

Yes. Head to the settings and you’ll find options to show/hide your profile, gender, and your match preferences.

If you’re looking to delete your account, we’ll be really sad to see you go. You can do so under “Settings”. You also have the option to temporarily deactivate your account.

You can deactivate your account at any time. Simply go to your settings, and tap on “Deactivate Account.”

At the moment, we offer a photo-verification option to ensure that all SwoonMe members are uploading their own photos. We’re working on various ways to ensure authentic profiles, and will be implementing them very soon!

In order to verify their profile, SwoonMe members are asked to take a selfie while striking a specific pose. Our team will then compare this photo with the photo used to create their avatar. If the two photos match, that profile will then have a badge to indicate that the profile photo has been verified.

You will be prompted to verify your photo when you first sign up and create your avatar. Otherwise, there’s an option on your profile to verify your photo. Tap on “Verify”. Next, take a picture of yourself striking the same pose as the sample photo, and hit submit. Then, someone from our team will match this selfie with the picture on your profile. You’ll be notified if the verification was successful or not.