Community Guidelines

Welcome to vvibe, we’re happy that you’re here! We want to keep this immersive experience enjoyable to everyone while being able to freely express themselves. Do your part in keeping vvibe a safe space for everyone – be kind, respectful, and considerate to others.

These guidelines are made to ensure that our community feels safe both online and offline. Failure to comply may lead to a permanent ban and termination of your vvibe account.


You must be 18 years of age or older to use vvibe.

vvibe Account

Every user is required to verify their account via email or phone number. This is to avoid impersonation, multiple accounts, and fake accounts.

Photo Guidelines

Please only upload a photo of yourself. Do not pretend you’re someone you’re not. Your face must be clearly visible in the photo revealed by your Avatar. No pictures of children alone. They must be accompanied by an adult and fully-clothed. No nudity and pornography of any kind. No photos that include illegal substances, violent scenes or items, sexual items or products.

Be Respectful: No nudity/sexual content, no pornography, no harassment, no abusive language, no misogyny, no hate speech, no prostitution and trafficking, no predatory behaviour, no hatred and violence of any kind. Please help us keep vvibe a safe space for each and everyone.

No Solicitation or Promotion: We support entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners but do not use the app to purely advertise or sell products. vvibe is not designed to be a marketplace.

No Illegal Activity: Do not do anything illegal on vvibe. Any illegal activity will not be tolerated and may result in being reported to the authorities.

Please immediately report any account that you believe violates any of these terms on the app or send us an email at

Safety Tips

Never send money and gift cards until you have built trust with your match. Protect your personal and account information like passwords and physical address with your match. If you are being harassed or believe that your match is a scammer, report and block them on the app. Need more help? Send an email to