Forgot about VDay? 7 Last-Minute Ideas to Surprise Your Valentine!

Forgot about VDay? 7 Last-Minute Ideas to Surprise Your Valentine!
Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about big presents or grand gestures. But, if you have the opportunity to make your partner feel extra special, why not take it? Here are some ideas that will do just that without needing too much time or money:

#1 Make them a gift
Something as simple as a collage or scrapbook would mean the world to them. We’ve put together a list of easy DIY gifts for you. Have a look!

#2 Get away for the day
Plan a day of activities or a quick getaway. Tell them nothing, let everything stay a surprise. Take them to a restaurant they’ve always wanted to go to, or an amusement park or go dancing. Basically, think about what they’d like to do, and fill the day with it.



#3 Put together a movie night at home
Get plenty of popcorn, pizza with their favorite toppings, lots of candy, a movie selection that they’d love, cozy blankets — the works!



#4 Breakfast in bed
Wake them up with a delicious breakfast in bed. You could try some valentine’s special breakfast recipes. Or even order in from their favorite breakfast joint.


#5 Plan a weekend away
Tell them you’d like to take them away for a weekend soon. The two of you can figure out where you want to go together. Look at places to stay, book your accommodation, figure out what you’d do there. Planning a trip together can be a lot of fun.

#6 Give them their perfect day
Tell them that they get to pick what y’all do for the day. It’s their choice of food, activity, movies — everything. Your job is to gladly say yes to everything.




#7 A relaxing day in
There’s so much you can do to give them (and you) a relaxing day at home:

Scented candles, music, and a bubble bath

Give each other mani-pedis

Make DIY scrubs and packs

Book an at-home couples massage

Light scented candles, and play some slow romantic music

And end the day with a romantic dinner together, maybe a movie too.


All that matters is that you do something together. Just by making the effort to plan something they’d love — last-minute or not — you’ve made their day 🙂 💗

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