10 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Have you figured out what to gift your partner yet? A handmade gift can show them how much you mean to them, and make them feel extra special!

We’ve put together a list of our favorite DIY gift ideas that would work for anyone. We know you don’t have a lot of time. That’s why we’ve listed gifts that won’t take too much time to make, but we’re sure your partner would love them!


#1 A Jar of love notes💌
On little pieces of paper, write love notes to them. For example, you can write about what you love about them, or your favorite moments together. Fill them up in a jar, and decorate the jar with ribbons, paint, hearts, and maybe a photo too.

#2 Scrapbook it up!
Put together a scrapbook filled with photos and mementos from your adventures. Fill in the gaps with little notes and doodles.

#3 Spa at home💗
Make them a nice homemade scrub, a lip balm, a bath bomb, or all of the above! There’s nothing like some good old self-care, right? You could also set up a full spa experience at home for the two of you to enjoy together 🙂

#4 Painted rocks
Yes, you read that right! Painting rocks is fun for you, and they’ll get a cute keepsake.

All you need are some smooth pebbles or rocks, and some paint.

You can make them a quirky pet rock if that’s something you think they’ll like. Or, they could use it as a paperweight. Here are some other painted rock ideas. 🙂

P.S. If they’re artsy too, make it an activity for the two of you to do together on V-Day! 💞

#5 Valentine’s coupons
Give them a handmade coupon book that they can redeem through the year. The coupons can be for things like a free hug, a date night, breakfast in bed, a massage, a picnic, and anything else you can think of!

We recommend making your own because that’s what makes it special. But if that isn’t doable, here are some templates for printables you can use.


#6 Open when letters 💌
Write them a bunch of letters to open at different points in the future. This is a great gift especially for couples in long-distance relationships. Here are some examples of letters you could write:
💌Open when you’re sad💌

💌Open when you’re mad💌

💌Open when you need a laugh💌

💌Open when you’re sick💌

💌Open when you need me I’m not around💌

💌Open when you’re having a bad day💌

#7 Make them a sweet treat 🧁
Homemade candy, red velvet cupcakes, truffles, chocolate-covered strawberries — the options are endless! Do what’s doable, but do it as well as you can. They’ll appreciate it 🙂


#8 A romantic homemade dinner 🕯️
Make them a meal. It doesn’t matter if it’s sandwiches or a three-course meal. Try to make something they like.


#9 A slideshow of your best memories 📽️
Have a lot of great photos and memories together? Put them together in a video/slideshow! Add a song that best defines or relates to your relationship in the background 🙂 🎶💟

#10 A valentine’s date night hamper 🧺
If you want to go all out, combine #7, #8 & #9 along with any of the other ideas. A good meal, great dessert, AND a gift you made with love — it’s the ultimate DIY V-Day gift💘

Write a heartfelt handwritten letter along with your gift, and we guarantee a happy valentine!

Hope you have a great one! And remember — if you’re still looking for your valentine, then try SwoonMe! We’re sure you’ll #HearTheSpark 💗✨

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